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About Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park is one of the world's most spectacular and awe-inspiring natural wonders among many places to visit in Brisbane, with countless and never-ending attractions to explore. Apart from its intoxicating picturesques, mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, strolling tracks and diverse flora and fauna, the fact that the geology of this place dates back to hundreds and thousands of years ago makes it an extremely significant place in the world. Along with its sister national parks - Spring Break, Main Range and Mount Barney, it has been given a place in the UNESCO World Heritage List for its part of Gondwana Rainforests. Located on the Lamington Plateau, Queensland, Australia, this national park spreads around an unbelievable 51,000 acres of land and is 3,000 ft above the sea level. It is home to an unbelievably diverse range of subtropical flora and fauna, most of which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. Booyongs, yellow carabeen, red carabeen, rosewood, etc- are some of the tree species that can be found here. In fauna, the Lamington National Park boasts an incredible birdlife with numerous species of parrots, Albert’s lyrebirds, bowerbirds and so on. It is also said that the park has around 500 natural waterfalls, including popular ones like Box Log Falls, Elabana Falls, Stairway Falls, etc

Highlights Of Lamington National Park

  • Visit the magical rainforest of Gondwana, which has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
  • Get a chance to come across diverse and never-seen-before species of flora and fauna.
  • Go bushwalking in Lamington National Park walks on one among the various circuits and trails.
  • Take a stroll across the Tree Top Walkway through an amazing canopy of trees and plants and also peer down its observatory decks.
  • Take delight in watching the amazing number of waterfalls in the park. It is believed to have around 500 naturally occurring water falls like the Toolona Waterfall, Elabana Falls, etc-.
  • You could also indulge in camping, night outs, cycling, running, swimming and so on.
  • Make sure to click amazing photographs, especially at the various lookouts present in the forest.
  • Ensure that you are in the company of an experienced local guide to make the best out of your tour.

About Lamington National Park Tours

Among many Brisbane attraction tickets you must book your tickets to the most renowned Lamington National Park, and have a chance to discover the hidden secrets of the UNESCO-recognized Gondwana Rainforests in Queensland, Australia.

Lamington National Park, OReillys And Vineyard Tour

Grab this amazing opportunity to visit the famous Lamington National Park Brisbane to allow yourself to see and admire nature at its finest. Lamington National Park Brisbane is known for its highly enchanting subtropical rainforests, home to hundreds of rare and undiscovered species of plants and animals. Come across a number of lookouts including the Kamuran lookout, and keenly follow your guide to know about the history of O'Reilly and also the Stinson plane crash. Simply unwind yourself and soak up in the infinitely beautiful views and landscapes present at Lamington National Park Brisbane.

Lamington National Park Day Tour From Brisbane

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore nature’s unending mystery in the Lamington National Park Brisbane. You could take numerous Lamington National Park walks across its circuits and also walk across the Tree Top Walk, Wishing Tree Track, and admire the amazing scenery from Mick’s Tower. You could also indulge in sightseeing, bird watching, cycling, camping and many such thrilling activities. Lose yourself in the natural ambience where tranquillity and a sense of seclusion is at its highest.

Lamington National Park Short Walks

Lamington National Park walks are unique and exciting, and unparalleled to any other rainforest walkway. These Lamington National Park walks are set amidst a vast rainforest with hundreds and thousands of trees, and taking a stroll amidst them, or walking on the make-shift wooden bridges is simply exhilarating. Here’s a small list of routes you could take for shorter walks

The Tree Top Walk

O'Reilly's Tree Top Walk is a fabulous and first-of-its kind wooden walkway in Australia, boasting a length of about 180m and being 15 metres above the ground. It enables its visitors to simply rejoice by taking a stroll through the amazing canopy of trees, ferns, orchids and explore and admire its beautiful birdlife. It gives the visitors an exhilarating and thrilling experience, with an extremely blissful and serene ambience all around. You can even take your kids and climb on and walk across this amazing walkway.

Wishing Tree Track

Take delight in taking a stroll across Lamingtons Wishing Tree track, filled with utmost adventure and mystery and keep walking until you reach the renowned Wishing Tree. Located near O’Reilly’s Retreat, this track is surrounded on either side by lush green vegetation, radiating an earthly freshness in the atmosphere with birds singing euphoric songs.. At the end of this walking track, you will come across a suspension bridge, which is simply exciting to cross, until you reach the wishing tree.

Mick’s Tower

The Mick’s Tower is an 18 m high observation tower situated off the Wishing Tree Track and offering stunning views and landscape, which will give you a good respite from the sight of urban sprawl found in modern cities. There is no age criterion and you can also bring your kids along with you and together take part in these thrilling and action-packed activities. It is a popular spot and hence, don’t be surprised in case you see a lot of people.

Lamington National Park Half Day Walks

One of the most done activities in this park is the Lamington National Park the Lamington National Park walks, which is filled with an endless amount of thrill and action, and helps one unwind and take a break from a busy job or work schedule. In case you yearn to take half day walks across the parks trails, here are three of the best ones

Moonlight Crag

Walking along the Moonlight Crag path is different from the rest since it doesn’t have a graded and marked out track for walking and the level of difficulty is slightly higher too. This path traces its origin to the same place where almost all tracks come from, the car park area of the National Park. Explore Lamington National Park’s amazing flora and fauna as you make your way through , and rejoice and soak up in the amazing landscapes you get to view from the Moonlight Crag Lookout and Balancing Rock Lookout.

Elabana Falls

The Elabana Falls is an amazing natural waterfall, one among the hundreds of waterfalls which Lamington National Park contains. Set amidst beautiful and lush green vegetation radiating extreme freshness, the source of this waterfall divides itself into two segments to fall as a two-tier waterfall. It is a popular tourist attraction, and to avoid crowds you must come during the weekdays. There are two walking tracks you can use to reach the falls - Main Border Track (4km) and Box Forest Circuit Trail (11 km), and you wont need to worry about losing your path since there are numerous signposts along the way.

Pat’s Bluff

Bushwalking through this route is simply delightful and rewarding once you reach the Python Rock Lookout and get to see a stunning panoramic view. Since the number of visitors can be higher during weekends, the best time to take a stroll along this path is during weekdays, and especially during rainy days since everything becomes simply more beautiful.

Lamington National Park Full Day Walks

In case you are all packed up and ready for adventures and thrills of higher intensity, you could opt for Lamington National Park walks for a full day. These are unusually longer routes for bushwalking and require a certain amount of bushwalking experience and fitness. Some of the circuits or trials you could use are the Border Track trial, Box Forest and Toolona Creek circuit.

Border Track

The Border Track is one of the most significant bushwalking routes in the Lamington National Park, around 21 km in length and with Grade 4 track. Open 24 hours a day, this track has two starting heads, one in Green Mountains and other in Binna Burra upper day-use area. Pass through an amazing number of subtropical trees, streams, water falls, birds and mountains, and come across splendid views from various of its lookouts. The Border Track is also part of the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk, which is 110 km in length.

Box Forest

The Box Forest Route is around 11 km long and off-shoots from the Border Track and leads one to the Picnic Rock and Elabana Falls. Whilst bushwalking, you get to come across a number of flowering and fruit-bearing plants and trees, many of which have been scientifically dated to be around 1500 years old. The Box Forest trail is a return track, which means the start and finish points are the same.

Toolona Creek

The Toolona Creek is a Grade 4 bushwalking track, branching 3.22 kms off the Border Track and has a spectacular and enchanting ambience. It is open all throughout the day and on the walk, one can come across natural gems like the Tolona Creek, Chalahn Falls, Toolona Falls and so on. Walk through Toolona Gorge to reach Wanungara Lookout and continue walking until you reach Mount Warning Point Lookout.

Know Before You Book Lamington National Park Tours

Essential Information -

  • Location : Located in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

  • Timings : No fixed timings, open throughout the day. It has two offices in Binna Burra and Green Mountains which commence operations from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (Monday-Friday) and from 8:30 am to 3.30 pm (on weekends).

  • *Best Time To Visit *: The best and the most popular times to visit Lamington National Park are the Australian winter months of June, July and August. It is at this time that humidity and temperatures are relatively low, enabling you to have an exhilarating experience while exploring the park. You can also visit during the spring months of October and November and in case you are ready to bear slightly higher temperatures, then you can also visit in the summer months.

How To ReachLamington Park is situated at a distance of 65 kilometres from Gold Coast Airport, which is one and a half drive through the Beechmont Road.You can use any mode of transport like taxi or bus, but self driving is the most economical way to reach the park.

Lamington National Park FAQs

What is special about Lamington National Park?

Lamington National Park is one of the most visited and popular parks in Australia, with a significant and unique history. Its development dates back to millions of years, and houses the Gondwana Rainforests which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. It is famous for its Lamington National Park walks, and included a number of trials and circuits for bushwalking and a number of other activities as well.

What is the best time to visit Lamington National Park?

June to August is the best time period to visit Lamington National Park in tours, since it is in this time period that Australia experiences its winter, and the rainforests become increasingly enchanting and magical, more than what is seen in normal times and as such, best suitable for tourism. You can also get to spot Albert’s lyrebirds at this time.

How long do we need to spend at Lamington National Park?

A day or two is more than enough to have an amazing experience at the national park. However, in case you have enough time and resources and yearn to explore and indulge in more intense activities, you could spend quite a lot of time here. Bushwalking is a common activity done here and you get to see a lot of professional as well as amateur bushwalkers all across the year.

How old is Lamington National Park?

THe mountainous and forest lands as we see today was declared in 1915 as the Lamington National Park, in memory and honour of Queensland’s former Governor Lord Lamington. The rainforests and geological formations we see today have been in existence for hundreds and thousands of year

How long is Lamington National Park tour?

The duration of Lamington National Park tour varies from package to package. Some tours can last for a mere 3 hours, while some can go on for days together.

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